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More range, more WORK !


XFly Transmitter

The 3 ways to get your remote control with E-Chronos

Depending on timing and quantities, we will find your way to be fully satisfied

Fast Deliveries
Predefined catalog options


1-3 days shipped

European stock available.

Go in the configurator and select the fast delivery option of the transmitter type you want 

Select the layout you want


10 open days

Stock might be available. 

Go in the configurator and select the 4 different side of the transmitter type you need

Begin from sctatch


4 weeks

Fully custom. Our E-spec platform tool will guide us to get your custom design.

We will make all effort to provide you a prototype as fast as possible.

One of the Best Range in the market of safety remote control,  

feedback included

Work throughout the building without loss of communication, even in the basement !

E-Chronos industrial bidirectional remote control, the modern way to control your machine.

A building with a truck and a remote control
fast delivery products
customized transmitters
m range, line of sight
 remote control sold

The Line UP

XFly Transmitter


  •  9+ axis
  •  14+ Toggles
  • Screen
  • Range  
MFly Transmitter


  •  6+ axis
  •  8+ toggles
  •  Screen 
  •  Range   
FireFly Transmitter


  • Joysticks
  •  11+ Toggles
  •  Screen
  • Range
Push Transmitter


  • Joysticks
  •  11+ Push
  •  Screen
  • Range

View the catalog of available standards.

Select a transmitter and we will guide you to find the perfect receiver (from canOPEN to 32-analog output) and accessories.

What is your profil ?

You can get in contact with us, see under

Manufacturer illustration
You build machines ! (Small, Medium or Large) 


A aftersales person give a good service which makes a customer happy with a tumbs up
 You resell our system, or you want to :


end user working on the building
Looking for local service or parts :

End Users


And yes, we have a blog! We take the time to explain what we do, how we do it and why. This is to help you understand the constraints of radio control and better choose our products for your application.