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If you struggle with a competitor, we might have nice solutions for you, and FAST!

Range with feedback included

Work efficiently all around and inside buildings
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1 battery for the whole range

One charger, one battery.


Our devices are dismountable and repairable.
No need to change the entire system.

2nd sources, Retro-compatibility

We can adapt to your existing machine
Prototype could be shipped within 4 weeks


With the design of our boxes, we have a great adaptability


Our software will allow us to customize your requests.
From machine logic to screen programming.

The Line UP

What are your needs ?

X-Fly Transmitter presentation


  •  9+ axis
  •  14+ Toggles
  • Screen
  • Range  
M-Fly Transmitter presentation


  •  6+ axis
  •  8+ toggles
  •  Screen 
  •  Range   
Firefly Transmitter presentation


  • Joysticks
  •  11+ Toggles
  •  Screen
  • Range
Push Transmitter Presentation


  • Joysticks
  •  11+ Push
  •  Screen
  • Range


The best range, 
feedback included


Articles ready to be shipped

1 battery

Our complete range uses
only one type of battery.


Easily and without a computer, pair two devices together.

Dip Sw

Configure easily and without a computer, some parameters


Our mechanical housing makes the radio remote control robust.



Get inspired !

Our catalog can guide you in defining your needs.
We can also arrange a meeting to define your project!
OuE-Spec tool will allow us to easily define a new layout.

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Europe and more

Our parters mostly in Europe will assist you or your end customer when it comes of aftersales needs.

Get intouch directly with them for local representative

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E-Brain announcement

E-Chronos has been working around the clock to bring you the latest and greatest innovation, and it's finally here! After 18 months of intense development, the first phase of our new service is now being deployed.