A design platform that allows you to customize your transmitter according to the ergonomics of your machine.

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If everything is validated, a prototype can be ordered and sent quickly

E-Spec is a web based platform that allows us/you to draw a layout and define all informations about your needs regarding safety remote controls. The main goal is to speak the same language between you and us and avoiding dozens of emails. All of what is inside E-Spec will be shipped ! This will speed up the process of getting an offer for a custom design and reduce misunderstanding. E-Chronos has a fully line up of standard which allow fast delivery, but some machine require a customisation. Via video conference for example, we will go step by setp without forgetting something.

E-Spec is always under developpement but a set of defined features is already available :

  • Drag and Drop component

  • List of option

  • Library of standard available

  • E-Drop custom logic description

  • Track of changes

  • PDF printable 

  • Files attachment

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XFly Transmitter


  •  9+ axis
  •  14+ Toggles
  • Screen
  • Range  
MFly Transmitter


  •  6+ axis
  •  8+ toggles
  •  Screen 
  •  Range   
FireFly Transmitter


  • Joysticks
  •  11+ Toggles
  •  Screen
  • Range
Push Transmitter


  • Joysticks
  •  11+ Push
  •  Screen
  • Range