E-Chronos Push

The Push gives you a mximin of digital functions within it's size

Long Range
Up to 600 m
and compact
Robust / Reliability
Glass fiber inside
Do what you need
Guided by customers
Growing network

Let's get into it !

By answering on some questions, we will find a E-Chrons PUSH that fits your needs.


The Push Vision is a transmitter that can control different machines. It is also fully customisable if you want options other than our catalogue models.

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All E-Chronos Push Vision transmitters are compatible with E-Chronos receivers. If physical receiver needed, make sure you have enough output and pins on the receiver.

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181 x 102 x 65 millimetres
550 grammes
Free band : 868MHz

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Fast delivery products

From all our possibilites, we can ship all 3 "E-Chronos Push" configuration fast.

Push 10 single step

10 push and
1 start
>30h battery life

Push 10 Double step

10 double step,
3 simple step and 1 toggle switch
>30h battery life

Push : C-D-F-T-L
Push Vision

8 push button, 1 screen
3 buttons on the side
>9h battery life


The best range, 
feedback included


Articles in stock, ready to be delivered. See above

1 battery

Our complete range uses
only one type of battery.


Easily and without a computer, pair two devices together.

Dip Sw

Configure easily and without a computer, some parameters


Our mechanical housing makes the radio remote control robust.

Other products available

Here you have a complet view of what we can do.


  •  9+ axis
  •  14+ Toggles
  • Screen
  • Range  


  •  6+ axis
  •  8+ toggles
  •  Screen 
  •  Range   


  • Joysticks
  •  11+ Toggles
  •  Screen
  • Range


  • Rxps (can + 16 outputs)
  •  RXm (can + 24 outputs)
  •  RXt (can + 48 outputs)


By clicking this link, you will be able to predefine our catalog and get intouch with us.

I want something completely custom, where I should go ?

Just enter in contact with us. Via an email or in the contact form. (Contact form is preferred)

We will setup a phone or video call, together we will fill a E-Spec project together for a personalised quote.

Icons are loaded via our software E-Drop. You will get an access and basically, you need to use Microsoft Paint or any other tool to create the icons. Once the icon ready add it on the transmitter project.

Once your project is ready to be ordered more, you will need to "merge" your modification in production. And as easy as this, the new update will be available at E-Chronos factory. Everything is integrated.

No problem via our software E-Drop. Once the access is done, you can update the logic yourself, we also can do it for you depending on your load and how big is the customisation.

For sure, one day or another, you will need assistance. Depending on your situation, we can provide you local support, travel to you or send the system (TX and RX) back to us. Contact us and we will find the best way for you to be satisfayed.