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Expand your product  offerings  by becoming an E-Chronos  reseller . We are actively seeking partners to expand our sales and support network.

We have a whole range of tools for you to handle your requests properly

Our network of partners is the central point of E-Chronos, we need you for responsiveness away from Switzerland. Language, speed, proximity allows our/your customers to work calmly. 

We support you at all levels and with passion.

You will get support from us !

Our tools !

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Base Skill Requirement

You have part or fully qualified of the below skill in your company :


The Line UP

What are your needs ?


  •  9+ axis
  •  14+ Toggles
  • Screen
  • Range  


  •  6+ axis
  •  8+ toggles
  •  Screen 
  •  Range   


  • Joysticks
  •  11+ Toggles
  •  Screen
  • Range


  • Joysticks
  •  11+ Push
  •  Screen
  • Range

We are the best in the market of safety remote control when it comes to range with feedback. Come and test our products with a test kit and see for yourself.

From the FireFly to the XFly, the design compacity was in the center of our attention. Our ratio "number of functions" compared to the size makes us a good compromize. On the M and X, mechanically protected, buttons on sides offer a good spot for up to 4 toggles switches and 4 push buttons.

With a fiberglass plastic PA66, our transmitters is resistant, robust and ready for the long run.

With 4 major families of receivers, ranging from the CANopen receiver to 32 PWM channels, we cover a wide line of demands.


The best range, 
feedback included


Articles in stock, ready to be delivered.

1 battery

Our complete range uses
only one type of battery.


Easily and without a computer, pair two devices together.

Dip Sw

Configure easily and without a computer, some parameters


Our mechanical housing makes the radio remote control robust.

Become a distributor and enter the E-Chronos experience. With our different tools, we will guide you to meet your needs in the field of safety radio control.

We organize half-day information sessions throughout the year to talk about the arrival of new products and services in the market. We exchange our knowledge and take the time to get to know each other to facilitate exchange, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our goal is to ease integration of new project with our team. Every person is fully dedicated to support you in your situation.

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Our tools


Our software enables us to easly cover our customers needs 



E-Chronos's customization platform allows us to easily design a new transmitter and send a quote quickly.


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We have created videos to help
you understand the user manual with ease.

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