Preselecting Remote Control Configurations:
A Step-by-Step Guide

Intuitive system

Configurator can be found here : Configurator

What you see is what you get.

When stepping into the exciting world of remote control, with E-Chronos it's crucial to understand how to configure your system to meet your specific needs. It all starts with choosing your transmitter. We offer a variety of options, each with its unique advantages. Here's an overview of the available transmitters:

Example :

I need a Big transmitter for a hydraulic crane. The machine needs CANopen interface.

Fast Deliveries

What is that ?

A fast delivery product is a product we have in stock and can be delivered right away. As we can't have all configuration possible in stock we choose some in different categories to be ready to be shipped.

Then you have the possibilites to see the "Fast delivery product". Look into it and see if something match your needs.

When selecting fast delivery product, you can see the configurations below, like here below :


Above the picture, you will read what's the transmitter has in.


How this is working ?

A catalog helps you custom your transmitter if "fast delivery option" doesn't fits your needs. With some limitation but bascially you will choose "part by part" the layout you wants.

1 - First, select the "Main layout"

2 - Second, select the "Top layout"

3 - Third, select the "Left layout"
4 - Fourth, select the "Right layout"

Last question about the Transmitter, is the Frequency you wants.


With the receiver section, select the 5 options available : 

- CANopen : ID 35, baudrate selectable with dipswitches.
- Physical + VC : you need digital outputs and if your system has proportional output, you want them in "Voltage Control"
- Physical + PWM : you need digital outputs and if your system has proportional outputs, you want them in "PWM" (current controlled)
- Relay : We have relay board options.
- Other : If you have a special request, please specify this here.



We have some accessoires available. To skip the accessories part, you can selec the left and all accessories will be added in the offer. Or you can see all accessories and select what you want.

Contact information

We need to contact you, so we need a bit of information, email address and address of your company.

Review the configuration

Once submitted, you can see and you will receive an email with the selected answer of your radio remote control.

See an example here : example


What is a risk analysis
What is it for, and how to go about it?